View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dual booting 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu

August 14th, 2009, 03:07 AM

I am basically a n00b to Ubuntu, having used it occasionally in the past but never seriously as my main OS (which I'm now trying to change). I put together a new desktop from old-ish spare parts (AMD64, 1GB RAM) and am using that as my playground for now. After reading some debates on 32bit vs. 64 bit versions, I thought it couldn't hurt to install both and see for myself (especially with some FORTRAN codes I wrote for school). Before doing that though, I have a few questions on partitioning.

I am planning to have one home and root partition for each, along with a single swap partition and a large partition for shared files. The first question is, how do I make sure both installations are mounted to the same swap partition (if that's possible?).

Secondly, I'm assuming I should use grub, which I have used before but never installed myself. I couldn't find any good tutorials, so I'd like to know when and how I should install it and if it needs to be installed in its own partition or what :confused:.

Any step-by-step directions on the installation order and partition scheme would be very appreciated! :)

PS: This may be a stupid question... I don't think it would work, but would it be possible to only install the two root partitions and have them read from the same /home partition? That would eliminate both the shared files partition and one of the /home partitions.