View Full Version : [ubuntu] 30 seconds pause in boot after kernel upgrade

August 13th, 2009, 01:20 AM

I followed one of the kernel upgrade guides and compiled a new kernel for my laptop. I had problems with the current kernel and ext4, a problem a 2.6.30 upgrade took care of.

The new kernel works fine, but I have one problem: Right after I select the new kernel from the Grub menu the disk starts grinding for 30 seconds while there's nothing on the screen. Then I get the normal "Starting up...." message and get a relatively normal boot from there on although I get some text scrolled before the nvidia driver loads that i didn't get with the old kernel.No errors though.

I have looked in the logs and there's no errors anywhere tere either. The only anomaly I can see is that the new kernel has a 47 MB initrd.img while the old one only has a 7 mb one. Could that be what causes the pause, and what could I do to fix it?