View Full Version : [ubuntu] Network printer on XP working but can't see share on same windows pc

August 12th, 2009, 05:23 PM
I've tried a load of things from various threads but still can't see the shares on my XP machine when going through the nautilus file browser.

The browser shows all the shares and will show new ones added but when I click on one, it says "Unable to mount location" "Failed to retrieve share list from server".

The xp machine can see the shares I've set up on the Ubuntu machine and the Ubuntu machine can print to the xp machine's shared printer.

I've tried switching both firewalls off and have disabled ufw too but still no luck.

if I do a
findsmbit shows
--------------------------------------------------------------------- UBSERVER +[NETWKGRP] [Unix] [Samba 3.3.2]

which is the ubuntu machine but no sign of the xp one.

If I do
smbclient -L xpdeskit shows
Domain=[XPDESK] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]

Sharename Type Comment
--------- ---- -------
hppsc217 Printer hp psc 2170 series
D$ Disk Default share
print$ Disk Printer Drivers
C$ Disk Default share
Domain=[XPDESK] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]

Server Comment
--------- -------

Workgroup Master
--------- -------

so it can see all the shares on the XP machine

finally, if I try

smbtreeis gives
\\UBSERVER ubserver server (Samba, Ubuntu)
\\UB\HP-PSC-2170 HP PSC 2170
\\UBSERVER\print$ Printer Drivers
\\UBSERVER\IPC$ IPC Service (ubserver server (Samba, Ubuntu))
\\XPDESK Alleycat
\\XPDESK\C$ Default share
\\XPDESK\print$ Printer Drivers
\\XPDESK\D$ Default share
\\XPDESK\hppsc217 hp psc 2170 series

Does the xp machine need a user/password sending and, if it does, where do I set it?

If not, can anyone else help? I can get it to work if I do "Connect to Server" but not as part of the file browser!


I just found out that Dolphin can see the share so maybe it's a nautilus funny?

August 12th, 2009, 07:54 PM
try accessing via ip instead of hostname like smb://x.x.x.x

for reference : http://www.prash-babu.com/2008/09/how-to-access-windows-shared-folders-in.html