View Full Version : [ubuntu] Intel pro 100 82557/8/9 issues in 9.04

August 11th, 2009, 08:57 PM

I have been reading around and most of the issues with the Intel pro 100 82557/8/9 card is the fact that it is not being seen. My issue is different. I have an old Inspiron 8100 with the Intel pro 100 82557/8/9 card and the card is seen as eth0 and gets an IP number and can ping and tracerout IP number and website names. The problem occurs when trying to use firefox or update the computer. It seems to just be able to get a small amount of data and then it won't pull any more info.

Example I can ping google.com and get replies but when I enter google.com or the ip into firefox to pull up the webpage nothing shows up. Same thing then I go to check for updates. It can pull the real small lists but not the larger update files down.

Anyone out there have any clues????