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August 11th, 2009, 04:42 PM
I started out with Jaunty and GNOME, and I decided to try out KDE. So I found this to help me out:

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"There is no need to do a complete install of kubuntu to try KDE. Kubuntu is basically the same as Ubuntu (same base system), but with a different desktop environment.

But, instead of apt-get (as was suggested earlier), better use aptitude.

Apt-get does not deal very well with dependencies. If you want to remove kubuntu-desktop and installed it with apt-get, you'll have to uninstall all the programs that come with it manually.

Better try:

sudo aptitude update

then, to install kubuntu

sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop

if you ever want to remove it, just do:

sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop

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This information came from:


I ran the first command, and the second. The installation downloaded and installed. During the installation I got a prompt that asked which desktop should be the default. I chose KDE.

I rebooted and got the Kubuntu loading screen, as well as the login screen.

I logged in and found that my desktop did not change. I looked for help and found this:


It told me to try switchdesk, however I do not have switchdesk installed.

So I used this code instead:

sude startkde

That worked. But I still had the GNOME top panel, and my terminal was in constant progress (ie. "updating battery time: 2:08..." and other menial tasks).

I finally shut down the terminal and attempted to log out, only to find that "user switcher quit unexpectedly." I used the power down button instead, and rebooted.

Ubuntu loaded the same as before, with the GNOME desktop, but still with the Kubuntu loading screen and login screen.

I ran the third command listed above to uninstall. I rebooted, but I still get the Kubuntu loading screen upon reboot.

Any help would be appreciated. Hope I'm not too detailed.

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Why thank you.