View Full Version : [ubuntu] dwl-g520 ver. b2 SPEED

August 10th, 2009, 08:30 PM
noob. I finally have my g520 running with ubuntu 9.04, but it is running very slow. The connection information shows 1Mb/s, seems even slower. I do only have ~20% signal strength, but that didn't bother MS most of the time.

Could there be a configuration setting that is holding this card back or should I just by a new card?

August 13th, 2009, 04:04 AM
I have found a number of situations similar to mine, but I have not found a definitive answer. My connections seams ok for the first ten or twenty seconds and then is grinds to a halt even though it say it is still connected. is there any way to get a dwl-g520 rev b2 (Atheros AR5001x+) working with Ubuntu 9.04?

I need simplistic steps. Getting old I guess. I attempted the instructions on MadWifi project just to be stuck trying to install madwifi-tools. while sitting in a madwifi dir I extracted the file to and run the intall command, a scripts runs and sets the default path and can not find the files. seams to be looking in E: ???? what is E: I installed off the web through windows.

Oh, I also tried the ndiswrapper using the windows drivers and no go. Actually, it locked up my system until I could get the network manager to stop try to connect. Ended up reinstalling a fresh copy of Uduntu to start again.

any help would be appreciated.

at the moment, wireless is the only option to connect to the internet. obviously through rebooting into windows.:confused: