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August 9th, 2009, 01:42 PM
I think most Linux supporters don’t notice it themselves, but, their thinking is very clearly totalitarian.

You know how the German Democratic Republic, the communistic Germany, that existed after world war 2 until the fall of the wall, called the Berlin wall? “antifaschistischer Schutzwall”. That means “anti-fascistic protective barrier”. So, in their lingo, the wall protected the “good” GDR against the evil capitalistic Germany, the federal republic of Germany.

But, clearly, the fascistic one was the GDR. This state had secret police, torture rooms etc.

The same thing with north and south Korea basicaly. Have you seen North Korean propaganda?

That is exactly what George Orwell wrote about. And the “Linux community” has all the ingredients that would classify totalitarism:

Choice is good, UNTIL you chose something that the party doesn’t approve! Choice is good if you chose firefox, if you chose IE, then you’re a moron and you should be blocked and choice is bad!

Manipulation and lies. There are plenty of examples. And when caught, cry “FUD”.

Presentation as victims: That one is important. The Linux community is never at fault you see: FOSS activists cry to this day, that Ballmer once called the GPL "cancer", while completely ignoring much worse name callings from their side. Totalitarian states present themselves as victims always too.

Manipulation of history. Plenty of examples here too. The most glaring is the myth, that Microsoft started a war against Linux almost since the dawn of time. That is a blatant lie. The community hated MS (and other companies) long before they in turn noticed Linux. You only need to look at linux newsgroups from 1995 and earlier.

Back in the days, 10-12 years ago, I was a linux “fan”. Mostly because I just loved to tinker with the computer, but I almost immediately realized that Linux won’t win the desktop then. And it still hasn’t.

But still, I liked Linux.. Until I discovered the Linux community. When I first read Slashdot in 1999 (or was it 2000?) and all the other Linux “communities” on the net, like the advocacy newsgroup or heise.de, the German slashdot (I am from Germany) my love quickly went away. Never have I seen such ridiculous hateful people before.

Replace the word “Microsoft” with “negro” and many postings of the FOSSists would be considered as hatespeech.

The stupid hating of a single company is what drove me completely away from the “community”. Yes, MS, pardon, “M$” used some qusestionable tactics.. but hey, it’s the business world. And I could list dozens of companies right now, who are much worse, take Monsanto, Exxon, Nestle, pharmacy companies, Nike with their sweat shop labour, Coca Cola (google coca cola and south america) and many many others.

Even the beloved IBM dealt with the Nazis:

http://www.amazon.com/IBM-Holocaust-Strategic-Alliance-Corporation/dp/0609808990/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1216890263&sr=8-1 (http://www.amazon.com/IBM-Holocaust-Strategic-Alliance-Corporation/dp/0609808990/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1216890263&sr=8-1)

I guess the hate for MS is because the freetards are indeed that: intellectualy retarded. Yes, they can code (badly), but that’s about it. They never experienced real evil in this world and real cruelty, and that’s why they are projecting all their silly nerd anger at a single company. Like ungrateful little children who scream at their parents, because they ordered them to go to bed.

Reading slashdot is like reading crazed postings of cultists. What was always mind numbing, at least for me, was the uncritical affirmation that the freetards received for many years from the media. No one was critical with them. No one gave them ever a good pounding, they could write total madness, like, in one year Linux will take over, Bill Gates is the Satan incarnate, Steve Ballmer is worse than Hitler, and no one wrote one critical piece. It drove me mad. It was as if the inmates have taken over the asylum and the doctors are helping them.

After almost a decade of experience with the beloved community, it’s clear to me, that Linux is a lost cause. Because much of it is based just on hate. Hate for MS, hate for commercial vendors, traditional Unix companies, commercialism, RIAA, MPAA or whoever the main antagonist is at the moment, it doesn’t matter. Much of the main motivation for many in the FOSS movement is indeed just hate, hate and nothing else but hate.

And that is why they will fail. Linux has only around 0.9% market share on the desktop, and stagnating at that since a decade. And that is good so, because hate just will and cannot be successful. And it should not be successful.

I have years of experience with reading and posting on slashdot, heise, newsgroups and other places. I know how they tick. A few reads or postings in these places will do nothing. But, if you’re years into it, you discover the thinking. It took me a while to shackle all the FOSS propaganda off me, once I understood what’s it really is about.

Fortunately, the likes of Stallman are quite frank about it, a bit more so than in the past. So, let’s look what Stallman is saying:

The guru in his own words: (On the 25th anniversary of GNU)

http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/compromise.html (http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/compromise.html)

“The free software movement aims for a social change: to make all
software free so that all software users are free and can be part of
a community of cooperation. Every non-free program gives its
developer unjust power over the users. Our goal is to put an end to
that injustice.”


Read that stuff! read it slowy: “Every
non-free program gives its developer unjust power over the users. Our
goal is to put an end to that injustice”

That is totaly crazy.

Damn ****, a FPS or MS word is an INJUSTICE that has to be put “to an end”?

Look at the words “unjust power”, “injustice”!

Such a choice of words almost is a scandal. Writing commercial closed source programs is put to the same level as poverty, epidemics and genocide, or what would you describe as “unjust power” and injustice”?

And more from his article:


“The road to freedom is a long road. It will take many steps and many
years to reach a world in which it is normal for software users to
have freedom. Some of these steps are hard, and require sacrifice.
Some steps become easier if we make compromises with people that have
different goals”


Something like that could be put on the Amnesty International site, if it would be about torture. You just need to change a few words:

“The road to abolish torture is a long road. It will take many steps
and many years to reach a world in which it is normal for the police
not to tortue. Some of these steps are hard, and require sacrifice.
Some steps become easier if we make compromises with people that have
different goals”

Et Voila.

This could be put on the AI site. And indeed, for the Amnesty International site it would be appropiate but it is completely crazy and mad and impudent by Stallman and his FSF footmen to put such a text on their website.

And still more from Stallman:

“Our goal is a world in which software users are free, but as yet
most computer users do not even recognize freedom as an issue. They
have taken up “consumer” values, which means they judge any program
only on practical effects such as price and convenience”

So, the people don’t recognize freedom, but in time we will make them recognize it! And if they don’t want freedom, we will force them to take it! Proletariats of the world, unite! Humans are stupid and don’t recognize freedom as an issue, but our great chairman Stallman will make them recognize it.

And more:


“The philosophy of open source presupposes and appeals to consumer
values, and this affirms and reinforces them. That’s why we do not
support “open source”.”


Oh dang. the foundation for bloody rivalries is laid! Free Software and Open Source are two different things as it seems. In the future, must the Open Source leaders flee to Mexico, after the Free Software guru will ascend the throne?

And more from Stallman:


“For instance, experience shows that you can attract some users to
GNU/Linux if you include some non-free programs. This could mean a
cute non-free application that will catch some user’s eye, or a
non-free programming platform such as Java (formerly) or the Flash
runtime (still), or a non-free device driver that enables support for
certain hardware models.

These compromises are tempting, but they undermine the goal. If you
distribute non-free software, or steer people towards it, you will
find it hard to say, “Non-free software is an injustice, a social
problem, and we must put an end to it.” And even if you do continue
to say those words, your actions will undermine them”


By now, every employee, who would have read such drivel from his boss, would have called a psychiatrist and made a date for him. Unfortunately, the lackeys at the FSF didn’t do it.

Read aloud what Stallman wrote: Non-free
software is an injustice, a social problem, and we must put an end to

Madness. Pure madness and insanity.

Thus, closed source software is according to Stallman an “injustice”, is a “social problem” and needs to be put to an end. The choice of words is just perverted. Closed source software is put to the same levels as cancer, poverty and hunger.

This is fascistic thinking in its pure form. And the other “thinkers” like John Hall, “ESR” and others are not far from this absurd positions.

I once once posted some Stallman crap with almost the same wording on a popular linux forum, and asked, if it is really ok to compare closed source software to “injustice” and social problems. Around the half said, they don’t agree. Another half said, they do agree.

And if a half in a very popular linux forum (heise.de, German language) don’t find it absurd to compare closed source software to “social problems” then.. wow.

Here is some other “RMS” drivel:

http://www.linux.com/feature/44465 (http://www.linux.com/feature/44465)


“Non-free programs are dangerous to you and to your community. Don’t let them get a place in your life. ”

Now, many complained about that in the comments section. But, quite a few didn’t object at all and AGREED to that.. If a “community” is so bat **** insane, that quite many of them agree to fascist theories, that all software should be the way some dictators propose, and all other types of software are “injustice”, “social problems” and “dangerous” and should be “put to an end” then **** that.

Let’s go away from Stallman. Let’s take another “thinker”. Let’s take Jon “maddog” Hall:

http://www.linux-magazine.com/online/blogs/paw_prints_writings_of_the_maddog/universities_that_do_not_use_free_software_time_fo r_a_boycott (http://www.linux-magazine.com/online/blogs/paw_prints_writings_of_the_maddog/universities_that_do_not_use_free_software_time_fo r_a_boycott)



“I received an email recently from a young man in Brazil who wanted me to come to his university and talk to the students and faculty about using Free Software. I am normally happy to advise universities to use Free Software, but usually this is done in conjunction with some large conference held at the university or some other venue. I just do not have the time to visit each and every school. But I did investigate the university of the student and found that Microsoft was indeed a sponsor of the University. In fact, the university had a large banner on the front page of their web site talking about Microsoft as a partner. It was the first time I saw a university advertising a commercial firm on their home page.

I started doing a little more investigation of the student’s city and found that there was another university in the same city that was very active with Free Software. In fact, they had a mirror of Debian software and were actively promoting Free Software.

At first I thought that perhaps the two universities could join forces and put on a “Free Software Day” where I could give a talk. Then I thought that perhaps the professors from the “Free Software” university could talk to the professors from the “Microsoft” university and convince the latter faculty on the benefits of using Free Software to teach students or do research. But the more I thought about the topic, the more I thought this was the wrong approach.

The time has now come for a boycott of universities that use closed source, proprietary software. ”



So, this quote especialy:

“At first I thought that perhaps the two universities could join forces and put on a “Free Software Day” where I could give a talk. Then I thought that perhaps the professors from the “Free Software” university could talk to the professors from the “Microsoft” university and convince the latter faculty on the benefits of using Free Software to teach students or do research.


But the more I thought about the topic, the more I thought this was the wrong approach.

The time has now come for a boycott of universities that use closed source, proprietary software

Is again spoken like a true fascist would do. They are so full of themselves, that they don’t even think for a second, that maybe, maybe, their approach is not the only one in the world. No, in their thinking, their approach is of course the ONLY RIGHT WAY. Why should only the professor of the Free Software university talk to the Microsoft university, to convince the latter on the benefits of Free Software?

Couldn’t in theory the MS professor convince the Free Software professor to use MS Software?

No, of course not! Since, MS software (and all other closed source software) is inherently evil, as we all know, and alone the thought that it could go the other way around, than his proposal doesn’t cross “maddog's” mind for a second.

By the way, he is wrong about the MS university being the only one, I know in Germany alone many universites with sponsored software from MS and other vedondors, shows again how much knowledge these guys really have.

But the most important part of it is the comments section of the article, look again how many AGREE again on stuff like this. Mind numbing.

I agree that not all people and slashdot and the like are free software fanatics, but, quite a few are. And these “quite a few” people don’t deserve the support they receive. I am a bit baffled, why no serious journalist took the time to read all the crazy **** Stallman and Hall and other open source “founding fathers” write. Oh, wait. I think I know the answer:

One journalist once took indeed the time, and wrote a criticial pieces about Stallman:

http://members.forbes.com/forbes/2006/1030/104.html?token=MjMgTWFyIDIwMDcgMjM6MDg6MTMgKzAwMDA %253D (http://members.forbes.com/forbes/2006/1030/104.html?token=MjMgTWFyIDIwMDcgMjM6MDg6MTMgKzAwMDA %253D)



Stallman’s hold on the Linux movement stems from the radical group he formed in 1985: the Free Software Foundation. The Boston outfit, which he still runs, is guided by a “manifesto” he published that year, urging programmers (hackers) to join his socialist crusade. The group made Stallman a cult hero among hackers–and ended up holding licensing rights to crucial software components that make up the Linux system


Simon Lok, chief of Lok Technology in San Jose, Calif., a maker of cheap wireless-networking gear, dumped Linux a few years ago in fear of the Stallman bunch. “I said, ‘One day these jackasses will do something extreme, and it’s going to kill us.’ Now it’s coming to fruition,” Lok says. “Some of this stuff is just madness. These guys are fanatics.” He adds: “Who do these people think they are?”


But then, Richard Stallman rarely is pragmatic–and in some ways he is downright bizarre. He is corpulent and slovenly, with long, scraggly hair, strands of which he has been known to pluck out and toss into a bowl of soup he is eating. His own Web site (www.stallman.org (http://www.stallman.org)) says Stallman engages in what he calls “rhinophytophilia”–”nasal sex” (also his term) with flowers; he brags of offending a bunch of techies from Texas Instruments (nyse: TXN - news - people ) by plunging his schnoz into a bouquet at dinner and inviting them to do the same.

His site also boasts a recording of him singing–a capella and badly–his own anthem to free software. (”Hoarders can get piles of money / that is true, hackers, that is true. / But they cannot help their neighbors, that’s not good, hackers, that’s not gooood,” he warbles, which culminates in polite applause from his followers.) He hasn’t hacked much new code in a decade or more. Instead he travels the world to give speeches and pull publicity stunts, donning robes and a halo to appear as a character he calls “St. IGNUcius” and offer blessings to his followers. (GNU, coined in his first manifesto, is pronounced “Ga-NEW” and stands for “Gnu’s Not Unix”; the central Linux license is known as the GNU license.)

And though he styles himself as a crusader for tech “freedom,” Stallman labors mightily to control how others think, speak and act, arguing, in Orwellian doublespeak, that his rules are necessary for people to be “free.” He won’t speak to reporters unless they agree to call the operating system “GNU/Linux,” not Linux. He urges his adherents to avoid such terms as “intellectual property” and touts “four freedoms” he has sworn to defend, numbering them 0, 1, 2 and 3. In June Stallman attempted to barge into the residence of the French prime minister to protest a copyright bill, then unrolled a petition in a Paris street while his adoring fans snapped photos.

Now, after writing this and other somewhat negative articles about FOSS, which are essentialy true, read the above craziness by Stallman himself (”unjust software” etc.) this journalist (Dan Lyons) was basicaly crucified.

Fake blogs by his name appeared, google bombs to link his name to questionable material appeared and many other nasty stuff. It must have been hell.

At the end, he BEGGED for forgivenes, to make it stop:

http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/25/2033213 (http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/25/2033213)

“In what many will consider either a total change of heart (or complete BS), Forbes columnist Dan Lyons was caught on video by Linux.com (also owned by Sourceforge) at a recent conference professing his undying love for Linux. The words, “pry it out of my hands at gunpoint” were even used at one point.


In any case, old-hippie sentiments aside, Dan Lyons says that despite the many attacks on him as a supposedly anti-Linux attack dog, he loves Linux. And uses it. And that he has trouble understanding why anyone would think he doesn’t love Linux. ‘”

He begs for “forgiveness” to the crowd, almost like the victims in show trials in Stalin’s Russia were made to do! What the hell of a pressure must the man had gone through, to “confess” to a camera, that he “loves Linux” (to make the attacks stop)

They are the worst bullies imaginable. And at the same time they fantasize that they are victims of a huge conspiracy, the crazed freaks from Boycott Novell and their prime queen, Roy Schestowitz, are the best examples of this mind set. But while they are the best example, they are of course not alone. In their mind set, anyone who disagrees with the FOSS world view just must be a "shill", "astroturfer" and what not. Again, it just doesn't cross their mind for a second, that you don't have to a be a MS employee to disagree with the fascist theories of the great Stallman and his henchmen.

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