View Full Version : [kde] Kubuntu 9.04 plasma annoyances

August 9th, 2009, 05:23 AM
I have kubuntu 9.04 installed (KDE 4.2.2) and find myself irked by some minor things about it.

In my main panel I have a digital clock, a folder view icon to my home directory, system tray, quicklaunch, device notifier and battery widgets.


What annoys me about them is the icon sizes. I would like to change the sizes of the folder view icon, device notifier and battery widgets to resize them in keeping with the other icon sizes.

So far as I can tell, they simply scale with the height of the panel (in the case of folder view icon and device notifier only up to a certain size). Reducing the height of the panel does not help, as it renders the quicklaunch and system tray icons annoyingly small.

Is there a way to resize the widget icons?

One other thing I looked at doing was placing a second panel at the top of my second monitor and putting the clock and a few other things up there ideally in the right hand corner. Only to find that the clock by default centers itself and takes up all unused room...

Is there an easy way to force it into the corner?

Next on the list is remembering window placement. If I open an app, move it to where I want it then close it, upon reopening the window seems to be placed entirely at random. Windows will often even open on my second monitor despite neither opening on that screen the first time, nor having been moved there by me. is there any way to make window locations persistent beyond a single opening and closing of an app?

Well, there is my vent. Hopefully somebody can shed some light on some workarounds.