View Full Version : [ubuntu] wpa wont allow connection

August 8th, 2009, 06:35 PM
i have search several threads and i havent seen anything about this yet, i just upgraded to a lynksys n router, and have a g pci card. the g was working but the network was unsecure, now the network is secure, and the mac and xp machines can connect, but i cannot. either there is a continuous loop where it asks for a password every 2 mins, but it doesnt connect, or it gives up looking. i had enabled wpa on my computer before upgrading to the n router, and had a password for that, when this started i tried both the password for the new network and the password for the old, but neither did anything, so rather then try to figure out what the password it was looking for, "key ring" or the router, i just reinstalled jaunty, hoping that using one password would clear things up, it sees the network, and occasionally will say that it is connected, but firefox says offline.

i have disabled wpa, and can now connect, but need to re apply the wpa so that the network is secured. when adding wpa from the edit connection, is it broadcasting the signal with the wpa enabled? or is that just window dressing so to speak? does it have to come from the router or can i enable it from my box? if its enabled from my box then i add it to the network will that throw everything off? i ask before i try, because this past week has just been a nightmare with trying to get everything up and running, and my room mate is very picky about what i do, i guess he is too used to windows in that regard.

i decided to try again, with wpa enabled, and i now have a secured connection, i guess switching from wpa2 to wpa was all i needed to do. go figure, i have only heard of problems from people when they have installed updates, i got all the updates, and now its working smoothly.