View Full Version : [gnome] Make Audacious' windows position automatically via devilspie

August 8th, 2009, 05:47 PM
I would like to have Audacious' several sub-windows start automatically on the fourth desktop on the right, with the sub-windows placing themselves below each other. So I create a *.ds file for the windows "Audacious", "Audacious-Playlisteditor", and "Audacious-Equalizer" in the folder /.devilspie, and set the appropriate variables.

However, starting Audacious now places the playlist-window correctly, while the main player window appears on the fourth desktop, but not on the right, and the equalizer window is neither on the 4th desktop nor in the right place. If I quit and restart just the equalizer, however, it does appear in the right place.

Does anybody know what governs this, and how I can get there?