View Full Version : [ubuntu] Use keyboard as mouse

August 8th, 2009, 03:30 PM

I need a program to use my keyboard as a substitute for the mouse.
The idea is that I found my mouse to be very inefficient, because you have to move your arm to the right, you loose the typing position of the right hand and of course your concentration, and what is worse, the mouse is inaccurate in some situations where you need precision (drawing, etc).

Also, most of the clicks I do are in controls or something that has the mouse focus, not in random pixels.

For these reasons, I started to search the web in a try to get something to solve this problem.

About my keyboard: it is the best keyboard I found (IBM PS/2, year 1984), much better than any of nowadays crap, it has excellent response, and in addition to the precise typing, it even adds a "click" sound that lets you feel confident when you type without looking at the screen and only concentrate in the text you are trying to type.

Moreover, I found the Dvorak key distribution, which seems incredible, and I am starting to self-learn it in the next days.

I mention all of this information, in the case that you have some program that adapts well to the IBM keyboard and the Dvorak distribution, so that I can learn all at once, Dvorak and this "new mouse program".

Ah, and I don't want to learn VI before I learn all of this things, seems that it would be a double innecessary effort.