View Full Version : any progress for java working properly in rt-kernel???

August 8th, 2009, 03:44 AM

i am curious to know if there are any plans in the works to have java fully-supported and operational when using a realtime kernel??

i have a really awesome peice of software(audio) that uses java and was written
in "processing" that i am hoping to one day be able to use to it's full extent...
although i can use it in my rt-kernel, it performs very poorly compared to when i use with
in my generic kernel...

the software is called "glitch-sequencer" and was written for windows/OSX and now runs under linux. it is a cellular based midi-sequencer and it can be found at :


because it is a midi-sequencer i wish to be able to use it to control both linux-VST and wineasio VST...among other stuff like hydrogen...

and it does sort of work, however, because of some incompatibilities with java and rt-kernel's, my system sucks up all resources, while the "user" uses only 10-20%...
the otherside of it too is that sometimes opening the app will crash ubuntu and go back to the login screen...which also is no good.

i tested it and did some bug reporting for the developer, and also use it in OSX where it works just fine.

if anyone knows anything about the java/rt-kernel, and what is happening with that
i would love to hear from you!