View Full Version : Visual Effects not working in Easy Peasy

August 5th, 2009, 04:29 PM

my problem is, that i can't activate visual effects in Easy Peasy. I installed compiz and fusion-icon but i still can't get it running. When i check the box next to the activate normal effects it searches for some driver and after a while says that the effects couldn't be activated. If i try to run fusion-icon everything turns white, however i can kinda use the cube for swiching between desktops, only everything is white. No text, nada. Same thing with application ring switching. I see icons and the rotating works fine, only there is no text again and the small windows are white..

My netbook is an Eee Pc 901

You probably need some more info.. Just tell me what you need to know and how i can get that information. Thanks in advance for the helpful posts!