View Full Version : [SOLVED] How can I change an icon's name (label) in KDE?

August 5th, 2009, 03:25 PM
My question is: How I can change the name, or label, that appears below an icon on my KDE desktop?

Reason for question: I have several Firefox icons on my desktop, each one of which is pre-configured to on a specific URL. For example, I click on one icon to open the Ubuntu Forums, another to open Google, a third to open Wikipedia, a fourth to open my bank account, and so on. I know how to arrange that a particular icon will open a specific URL. But in order to identify the various icons easily, I need to be able to label them according to their target URLs, rather than having them all named Firefox, as they are at present.

1. Currently, I'm using KDE 4.2.4 in Kubuntu 9.04, so I'd like to know how to make such changes in either 4.2.4 or 4.3. {If it's easy [easier?] to do in 4.3, I'll happily wait till 4.3 becomes available in the Ubuntu repositories.)
2. Yes, bookmarks are an alternative, but clicking on individual icons is faster, so I'd like to get to a desired URL by icon-clicking rather than via bookmarks--if it's possible to label the icons individually.

Thanks in advance for your help.

August 5th, 2009, 06:34 PM
Have you tried selecting the icon and then hitting F2? Or right clicking it to see if there is a "Rename" option in the menu?

I don't use the option for icons on the desktop in KDE4, I prefer a clean desktop. But I'd imagine renaming the file is the same whether it be in a standard "folder" or shown on the desktop.