View Full Version : Which ISP providor and internet questions!?! Help :-s

August 4th, 2009, 03:31 PM

I am currently in the middle of choosing which internet provider to go with an I have a big problem and thought the awesomeness of the ubuntu forums mite be able to help :D

I live in the UK, and the nearest exchange is 2.5km as the crow flys away, however the cable travels nearly 7km before it gets to my new house...

I can't get fibre optic broadband in this area.

The exchanges line has a max speed of 1.5MBits/s to 0.5MBits/s for all standards.

It is LLU ADSL2 (or BT WBC) enabled though, so should will I go with a simple ADSL provider or go with this newer LLU ADSL2 standard which I do not know much about?!? And will I see a big difference in speed and performance if I go with LLU ADSL2?

All help and comments is much appreciated!!Thank you!