View Full Version : [all variants] Question on usb stick protected partition...

August 3rd, 2009, 08:55 PM
.. is this: I have a Super Talent sm usb stick that I got from M$ convention that has a "raw" CDROM(labeled) partition w/ an .ini and .pdf on it, that I want to erase and converge to the rest of the drive's available size (not that this 4gb stick needs it, but the .pdf popup of cloud computing on azure is just annoying..)

When attempting to use m$ format e: /FS:fat32 /l:stuff (..etc..)
I get up to the point of format and am blocked w/ write protection.

Does anyone know how to find what the jumper pins may be, or if there's a program to simply force a flash to format or fdisk, ignoring write protection? (I'm at work & havn't tried anything on my 'nix box yet)