View Full Version : [ubuntu] Convert ubuntu installation into Text-based installing cd

August 3rd, 2009, 08:09 PM
I am working on a small project for a thin-client. I have successfully been able to bring down the entire space used to 424MB with slight scope for further reduction.
I've installed: Firefox, SSH, Feh, Rdesktop with OpenBox as the WM. I have some more config to do after which I'd want to :
Convert the existing installation along with the software and their configuration and user setup into a Text-based installable cd (like Ubuntu Alternate cd). At this stage, I really need to know if this is possible, else I'll have to look into other forms of going ahead with my project.

From my knowledge and the research done in the past couple of weeks, I've learnt about Remastersys (which can only create a Live cd), UCK - again live cd, and config not done on the actual system and InstallCdCustomization which only talks about customizing the preseed and about adding an 'extras' repo.

I'd really appreciate your help with my mini-project. Please show me the light :) and correct me if I'm wrong with what I've done so far. Thanks!