View Full Version : [ubuntu] No sound off-line when on-line and vice versa

Motorhead Kaze
August 3rd, 2009, 04:25 PM

Having sound troubles, and have been for a while now. I am running Hardy, and if I am playing music (Rhythmbox or other player) and go online (Firefox) the sound on does not work online. And if I am online first using a site that uses sound, such as YouTube, etc. then turn on a music or any video program, then there will be no sound in that off-line program. So...no Flash game playing while listening to music, or whatever else I feel like doing that uses sound both on and off-line.

Any idea why there is a limitation here?

August 3rd, 2009, 05:12 PM
mm i think thats a problem with pulseaudio. You can try messing around with the settings or something or just change it to use something else. What version of ubuntu are you using?

August 3rd, 2009, 05:22 PM
You can remove pulseaudio and install esound too:


Motorhead Kaze
August 10th, 2009, 11:41 AM
Hello. Thanks for the replies.
I am on Hardy, with the most recent updates.

So you are thinking that it is Pulse Audio then? Is that default? Is this an issue that other people have had? I don't understand how I seem to always have issues that nobody else ever heard of. Maybe they don't do things in the same way I do so never noticed or cared?

I could mess with Pulse Audio, but I do want to know first if this is an actual bug, or just a special problem I am having.


August 10th, 2009, 05:00 PM
I've had an awful problem with sound too. It's been very inconsistent but now I seem to struggle hearing streams etc. I can hear some but not others. I have a problem with listening to streams in Second Life and I wanted to try your method but when I looked in X11 folder to back up I don't actually seem to have 70pulseaudio.

I'm a noob so a lot of the terminology is going over my head. Any help would be gratefully received.