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August 3rd, 2009, 03:55 PM
Hello All,
I am building a machine just for development (eclipse, bash, etc). All of my apps are 2D, conventional apps (GTK, SWT/Swing, etc). Will it run "snappier" in dual-monitor xinerama if I use 2 low-cost graphics cards?

I am considering buying 2 GeForce 9500 GT graphics cards for about $50. Will I see a 2D performance upgrade over a high end single card (I presently have a GTX 275 in another machine that I use for gaming. I am building a 2nd machine for coding only).

I have 2 monitors, one at 1600x1200 and one at 1920x1200. I noticed a significant 2D slowdown when dragging windows or navigating menus after adding the 1600x1200 monitor. In general, the application seem much less snappy when Xinerama is enabled.

I noticed a similar phenomena in Windows, but a little less noticeable, so I assume hardware plays a significant part. I tried upgrading to a high-end video game card and nothing really changed, even though the 3D performance was something like an 8x difference. I noticed that adding a 2nd card seemed to speed 2D up on a windows machine.

Has anyone done this with success on Linux? Were you able to speed up 2D applications by installing a 2nd card?

If so, what cards did you buy?

I'm running a Phenom 2 955 3.2GHz on a 790GX. I tried doing this with 2 ATI cards and had mega-drama with the driver, so never got to figure this out. I've always had great luck with nVidia on Linux, but wanted to get advice from the forum readers before purchasing a 2nd card.

Thanks in advance,

August 26th, 2009, 11:54 PM
If you only need 2 monitors why dont you buy a dual-dvi nvidia card?
Being on only a single card you can use nvidia's twinview function which is alot faster than xinerama.