View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sun Ultra 10 Install hangs after cleanup

August 2nd, 2009, 12:02 PM
went poking around, looks like the sun users forums are closed which is pretty uncool, I have the feeling this issue will be quickly buried and forgotten about without, but here goes.

Real simple, just like the title says

I have a Sun Ultra 10, 300mhz UltraSparc-IIi, 384mb of ram, 8gb hard drive.

I boot from the CD, I install what I want, everything goes so smoothly until the install finishes, it says "cleaning up" and after its done, it leaves me sitting there at a blue screen with a grey bar at the bottom, resetting the system at this point produces no boot-able result. The installer just kinda seems to fail to do whatever its supposed to do next, and sit there without saying anything, I can go to another console and issue commands without an issue though so the system is still working, the installer is just hung up and I don't know why. In the archives there are a few success stories with this exact machine, in fact, most note the install as being extremely smooth so I don't understand what I'm missing here...? :(

I hope I get this issue resolved, installing on this machine is just a dry run before I attempt the install on the Enterprise 420R quad 450mhz UltraSparc-II system I have.