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August 2nd, 2009, 03:13 AM
Hey guys I am hoping to put Ubuntu on my PS3 and have a hundred questions - but I'll only ask a dozen... So if you could help me and not say "OMFG DO A SEARCH NUB" it would be realllly nice. And I put "all variants" as the prefix for my topic because IDK what I'll be using :D

Now a little background information, Im very good with GUI computers xD
But I'm not the best with text based. Basic functions are fine for me but if I end up getting told "Dude just do the boot rom with the orig. seed in the BIOS of the OS that... blah blah " Ill be getting confused. What Im saying is Im ok but not great.

So.. My questions!!!
1. What is the newest version of "Kboot" that is PS3 compatible.
2. Where is a place with a fast download rate?
3. If I download this "kboot" is it the full package or is it only part... if it is a part, then...
4. What other stuff would I need to download?
5. I read elsewhere I should alocate 10 gb to Other OS.... I also read that a "Quick Format" is required to set that 10gb up... Is this true, and if so....
6. When I do this "Quick Format" will it erase my saves? (Note I know what a format does)
7. Upon installing this, can many linux programs run from the PS3, and...
8. How would I install them? Via Disk Drive, or a USB Drive?
9. This question is a major one... My sister is not the best with computers.
Would it be possible to set it up so that Linux only boots up if I hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on, so that if she turned on via controller or a quick tap of the power button it would boot up PS3 OS normally? This would eliminate confusion on her part.
OK, Now lets pretend Linux is running....
10. Can I use a stereo bluetooth headset for music?
11. What kind of emulators are out for PS3?
12. Are there any 3D creation programs? Because compared to my actual PC the PS3 is pure ownage in power.
13. Does Google Sketchup work on PS3 in any form or fashion? BECAUSE I LOOOOVE GOOGLE SKETCHIP!
14. Is it now possible for me to backup my PS3 games?
15. Is it possible for me to store programs on my hard drive to run, or would I have to keep em all burned or on removable media (USB, SD etc)
16. Last but not least, What programs could you guys recommend for me?

Now some information about my PS3 PC etc...
I have a 1gb usb drive... 2 GB mem stick and 2 gb SD card - all useful for data transfer...
PS3 is an 80gb, the newer type that doesnt play PS2/PS1 games...
Have a DVD Burner and bunches of burnable DVDs n' CDs.
PS3 is at most current FW - hope this doesnt ruin any chances I had of doing this...
I would like the most Graphical version of linux possible... I CAN run stuff command line but a GUI would be utterly amazing!
If it's usefull at all, I'm running wireless internet to PS3 (Dont think it matters)
Uhhh.... Thats about all I cant think of. Im sorry for asking soooo many questions but I hope you can answer em.
If you can't answer all of em, go ahead and answer what you know - put the question number and Ill edit this post after its been answered and put the word ANSWERED in bold letters after all the ones that are.

Dark Aspect
August 2nd, 2009, 03:24 AM
You'll find some good information to answer some of your questions here (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PlayStation_3). I wish I could help more but I can't really walk you through the process as I don't have or want a PS3.