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August 1st, 2009, 08:51 AM
Newbie question alert. I've looked through the forums already to find info that I can apply to my situation, but none seem to hit the mark. Thank you very much in advance.

The issue:

I have an external hard drive (HFS+ formatted) that I use to make a bootable backup copy of my entire macbook pro's drive. I make this copy using the program SuperDuper.

On a separate Dell running Ubuntu 9.04 I'd like to be able to read from (writing to would also be nice, but not strictly necessary) the folders located inside /users/myusername/ on this bootable external drive. When I plug in the external drive to my Dell's USB port, the drive appears on the Ubuntu desktop and I can go into the /users/myusername directory, but all the folders there that I want to access have little "x" marks on them and I cannot navigate into them, much less copy them to the Dell since it complains that I don't have permission. When I view these same folders from my macbook pro, the permissions say that those same folders are "read only" for "everyone". Hence, I would assume that I should at least be able to read them when that same harddrive is being viewed from the Dell, but that's not so.

I've tried browsing the folders with "sudo nautilus" and this allows me to see everything, but alas, I cannot copy anything from the external drive to my Ubuntu box.

In case it's important, I have the same username on my macbook pro as I do on my Dell.

Any suggestions, or references to where I can find appropriate hints?

Thank you!

August 2nd, 2009, 04:01 AM
I can hear crickets.....Anyone?? Thanks!