View Full Version : [ubuntu] After a hibernate, the internet wireless connection can sometimes never recover

July 31st, 2009, 10:17 PM
After a hibernate, the internet wireless connection can sometimes never recover

Been running Ubuntu for a few weeks now (my first time) and I have been accommodating this problem by restarting the machine, which always fixes the problem.
But after a search I am at a loss of how to fix it and am concerned at the number of earlier
hibernate related posts. I am more concerned at the flakeyness of it
Thanks for interest so far, details below

Used the machine without issue and due editing a text document, press the power button which is configured to hibernate the machine
The machine starts normally and can continue to edit the document, but the web browser
sometimes cannot access the internet

- The frequency seems like one in five starts from hibernate
- Two other machines using the Wifi at or around the same time have never had a problem
- The machine coming out of shutdown has never experienced a problem
- Often the internet radio complains of not having the correct driver ! rather than ~no connection
- Machine started as Intrepid and upgraded to Jaunty
- Duration of hibernate (ie possible issue of cooling down) does not seem an issue

Things tried and make no difference
- Ensuring all internet applications are closed ie browser and internet radio
- Leaving it >10minutes before trying the internet
- Trying different applications first

Additionally when I was running Intrepid I found pressing the laptops function key with say the battery symbol on the F3 key would stop the toolbar, window focus system stone dead, but I could do a three finger salute to shut it down orderly. But the concern is that it may of corrupted a file?
Does the update do a presence check or a more through CRC check

Machine: Dell Latitude D400 Laptop (1.6GHz and 512Meg)

July 31st, 2009, 10:22 PM
don't use hibernate, shut down normally that will solve your issue.
How much faster is hibernate over shutdown anyway

August 1st, 2009, 10:33 AM
With a normal start you have to start each application to get back to
what you were doing ie editing, reading..., which is dull.

Also there are various other Wifi signals around so you get nagged
sporadically for each one on each new session, which doesn't happen
with a hibernate.