View Full Version : [ubuntu] GeForce 9300M or GT130M.

July 31st, 2009, 05:18 PM
Hy all,
I'm in need of a new laptop and I'm thinking of buying an Asus (eventhough I've heard they kind of dropped there support to linux, what's the buttom line on this anyway???)

I however am not sure which graphic crad graphic card would be my best choice (from an linux point of view). I have two in mind: GeForce 9300M and a GeForce GT130M.

From what I know, the latter is more recent and thus is more 'powerfull' yet I'm not sure how it would work under linux.

The former is older so it should work out of the box under ubuntu 9.04 I would suspect but I'm reading a lot of stuff from people saying they can't get it to work.

Anybody have either one of these cards working smothly under 9.04?