View Full Version : Acer aspire one graphics problem

July 31st, 2009, 02:17 PM
aao za3 -unr (without interface)

every problem i resolve and another 3 pop up..
the current problems are:

tried to fix the choppy video by updating the driver...now he system is messed up, boots in low graphics mode. the update manager shows an intel xorg video update is available, but it is greyed out and uncheckable.

(i can get the graphics to work if i revert to the old kernel, but i still need to fix the choppy video)

(on startup:
ubuntu is running in low graphics mode

the following error was encountered. you may need to....(blah blah)

(ee) psb: failed to load module "xpsb" (module does not exist, 0)
(EE) psb(0): the stolenBase is:0x3f800000
(EE) psb(0):screnIndex is:0;fbPhys is:0x3f800000 fbsize is: 0x007bf000
(EE) psb(0):first sdvo output reporte failure to sync or input is not trainded[sic]!!!
(EE) [drm] drmOpen failed
(EE) psb(0): [dri] DRIScreenInit failed. disabling DRI.
(EE) [drm] Could not uninstall irq handler
(EE) psb(0):This driver currently needs DRM to operate.

microphone does not work. i tried the tip on the help page-no use (propbably bcz the name of the "####-alsa" thing on my aao is different

i have no idea how to set up the hibernation thing as described on the help page

i am really counting on you guys, because i dont kow what to do anymore...

somebody please help!!!

p.s. i am a newbie(4 months) and i dont know what "pass hguf to the jfk.list.gib" or "add "igfhd" module to "blah: means. im afraid i require baby instructions.
(or at least a way to do stuff through the GUI)