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July 30th, 2009, 08:14 PM
Hi, Please first excuse my bad English but I am writing to you from Montreal, QC, Canada and my primary language is French, anyway I will try to be as much clear as possible...lol

If I am writing here is because I recently buy a UMPC from Yukyung Technology called the Viliv S5, the device is pretty nice but I would like to have Linux support on it. Right now only the video driver (Intel GMA500) seems to work correctly, no touchscreen, GPS or wifi are working...

I am a member of a Forum where we talk a lot about the device (http://forum.pocketables.net/forumdisplay.php?f=92), and a growing group of users would like to get Ubuntu or other Linux distro to work on it.

My first eMail to Viliv about Linux drivers were not succesfull but yesterday, bingo! they accepted to delivers Linux drivers for me and the rest of the community, under some conditions... I have paste below the eMail they sent me. I would like you to help me or point me in the right direction to what they call "Linux community for open development".

These drivers would not only help Viliv S5 users to get Linux to work but also other users using different device of the same sort...

Right now Viliv and Yukyung Technology are waiting for my answer so the sooner the better before they change their mind, if you see what I mean...

Please Help and Thank you in advance...

Robert Millette
Montreal, QC

Their eMail:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank for your long explanation on Linux.

As we wrote down on last e-mail, it may be not problem to release the Linux driver such as Wi-Fi driver as you initially requested.

But issue is coming from after releasing the Linux driver. Linux version which shown IDF was very unstable version not because of driver but because of Linux OS itself.

For sure thing at this moment is,

We can not release the Linux driver through our official site of www.myviliv.com/eng because this is not commercial version and we can not guarantee the performance.

Also, We can not release the Linux driver to personal users. Actually, viliv HQ do not support the technical support to individual user.

But, if you have a Linux community for open development, we can arrange the driver through Linux community

This is the only possible thing we can consider.

Please, give us your recommendation .

Thanks and Regards
Viliv Team.