View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP DV5 Sound & Not Able To Recognize mp3 files

July 29th, 2009, 05:59 PM
I've seen in the forum where people are talking about how their HP5 or HP4, etc isn't giving any sound through the speakers on the laptop. I haven't tested the headphone jacks to see if sound is coming out on mine. Firstly, I'm using ubuntu 9.04 live right now, so nothing is installed yet.

I thought my problem may be a little different & this is why...I've tried playing a mp3, but the system isn't able to open that type of file. This is the same for wav files. I did not test it with any other audio formate. It may be a problem with the audio issue many are having in combination with codecs? I try to open it, but it doesn't know how to & then it requests for me to check online if there is software in the repo that will fix the problem. I say sure, but it comes up with no results. I have tried with rhythm box & there's a video program that likes to open also. I have had 8.10 installed on another machine in the past & never had this issue.

Can anyone help me? Any thoughts?