View Full Version : [all variants] No TV out on NVidia 9800 GT

July 29th, 2009, 07:29 AM
I'm trying to get a signal out to my TV from my new Lin box - I'm using 64 bit Ubuntu 9.04 and an Nvidia 9800 GT card. The TV set is an old /non HD/ one and I bought an S Video cable with a RCA adapter on the side of the TV to hook it up.
The nvidia-settings control panel seems to detect the presence of my TV properly and lets me configure the TV out settings. None of them however seem to work for me so far - no TV signal at all. I'm wondering what other options I have and how to troubleshoot this issue.

Any help/advice/experience greatly appreciated.

PS> When I click on "detect displays" button the TV screen flickers a bit, so there's definitely some current reaching the TV