View Full Version : [ubuntu] 4 Macs and no Ubuntu on PPC

July 28th, 2009, 10:51 PM
I have 4 Macs (iMac 266 256MB, Blue and White 300 512MB, G4 450 512MB, and a G4 1.25 MMD 1.5g). The B&W and the 450 share a Starlogic 19" monitor. The MMD has a Acer 22" flat screen. I have tried Xubuntu 8.10, Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 6.10, Ubuntu 9.04 in all of the computers and there are varying results. The iMac loads the software but the screen is dark. The B&W and 450 have a "invalid signal" which I assume is regarding the monitor. The MMD does not load, it is a "invalid device". All the Ubuntu software had image burnt in Disc Utility. I read a post about ATI Rage 128 card. Didn't help.

Since I am a "Newbie" I have no clue how to alter a file as a work around. I've owned Macs since 1989 and I'm only familiar with the installer for Mac software. I would like it if someone would tell me click this and Ubuntu would install.

It is time to leave Mac since it has gone to the Dark Side.