View Full Version : [ubuntu] Partial Upgrade to 9.04, but would prefer 8.10

July 28th, 2009, 07:57 PM
So, after a couple of screw-ups involving trying to run a dist-upgrade on a backup of my main partition (I was having an 'idiot' day(Also, it failed, halfway through)) then wiping my main install to run a CD-install of 9.04 (told you it was an 'idiot' day) I found that, well, I prefer 8.10.

So, copying my backup back over to the main partition and booting it, I found that it was hankering to do an update. 800 of them. There was also a message about doing a partial upgrade, and after looking around, I found out that this will upgrade my system to Jaunty-flavour packages.

So is there any way to make it, erm, not do? I have quite a rabid preference for KDE3, due to one favourite program (KMuddy. I tried the KDE4 version inside that CD-install, and it just refused to work properly) and am not sure how one would go about putting KDE3 into a 9.04 install, and whether or not doing so would break the heck out of it.

So I guess this question's two-fold.

A) After a partial dist-upgrade, is it possible to get things to stay Intrepid-flavour, or will upgrading move things into Jaunty territory?
B) Is it possible to upgrade to Jaunty and still use the older version of KDE without breaking other functionality?

The good news is, Everything still backed up, relatively safe, so if it comes down to reinstalling 8.10 from CD, that's not an issue.