View Full Version : [ubuntu] Frequency changing & Can't find powernow-k8

July 27th, 2009, 12:07 PM

I'm trying to get CPU frequency / scaling working on my laptop.

I've installed cpufreqd and the utils etc.

I added the Frequency applet onto my bar at the top, and I seem to be able to change govenors, but I can't specify the frequency. I also don't think the govenors are working.

If I type cpufreq-set -f 800, it looks like its successful, but it doesn't change either of the cores.

I think I need to have a module, powernow-k8, but when I try to type: 'sudo modprobe powernow-k8', it says that it can't find it. It also says that it can't find any modules beginning with cpufreq.

What's gone wrong? :P I really need to get scaling working.