View Full Version : [ubuntu] New RAM not working properly

July 27th, 2009, 11:11 AM
A little while ago, I installed a new 2gb stick of ram (adding to my 1gb stick), booted up my pc, and saw that in "System Monitor" program that I now had 3gb of ram, an figured that it was all working properly.

However, I've noticed that once i start using more than 1gb of my ram it starts loading stuff into my swap space, rather than using all the ram.

Im not sure what could be causing this, I've done a RAM check and everything seems to be working properly, also it works in windows...

Is there some sort of command/program that I'm meant to run to configure ubuntu to use the ram?
It might be useful to note that I once deleted all my petitions by mistake and had to repetition my drive manually (including my swap partition). I dont quite remember the exact steps I took to do this, but if theyre needed to solve my RAM problem I'm sure I can dig them up from this forum...