View Full Version : [ubuntu] Second Hard drive wont boot (errno= -16)

July 27th, 2009, 04:06 AM
Recently I had to wipe my computer and reinstall vista. When I did this, my second hard drive failed to boot up with the first hard drive. I tried for a week to figure it out and a few days ago I read something that said Seagate hard drives usually dont work with vista.

After another week of trying to get ubuntu installed, I got it to dual boot with vista (gonna get rid of vista as soon as this problem is sorted). When I boot up ubuntu though, I get a message saying "COMRESET ERRNO= -16". I noticed that the "ata#" part in the beginning of the message was the port of which the #= where my second hard drive is plugged into. the first time it said ata1 when it was plugged into sata port 1. I unplugged it and plugged it into a silicon image pci card sata port and it changed to ata8.

The message repeats twice(usually) then says it failed to boot and continues to boot up ubuntu on my first hard drive.

I am out of ideas now because I am tired of doing day long searches to figure out what it could be...another issue is that this hdd has valuable information and data on it, including videos that are not backed up anywhere else because I thought this was a safe place to put them.

I really hope someone here can help