View Full Version : [ubuntu] X1200 mobility problem

July 26th, 2009, 04:59 PM
I have an X1200 and was using the official ATI drivers in a previous Ubuntu install, which worked fine.

But since the X1200 is considered a legacy device now and the last supported drivers are 9.3 which do not work in Ubuntu 9.04, I've been having trouble figuring out exactly which opensource driver to install and how to verify if Ubuntu is using the driver I want it to use.

How do I check what display driver Ubuntu is currently using?

What at this moment in time is the best driver for an X1200?

Do any of the open source drivers have decent 3D support, perhaps to run compiz smoothly?

At the very least can I get 2D acceleration or will I just revert back to a distro with an older Xserver where I can use Catalyst 9.3.