View Full Version : [ubuntu] Pairing Apple Wireless keyboard (aluminum) using console in Jaunty

July 26th, 2009, 01:59 AM
I've successfully paired the Apple wireless keyboard to my laptop using a bluetooth dongle. The laptop is running Jaunty with bluez 4.23. However, when I attempt to pair the same keyboard to the same bluetooth dongle on my HTPC that is also running Jaunty, albeit a stripped version (it's running XBMC Live that uses a stripped Jaunty as OS) I can't get it to pair. And oh, it also uses the very same version of bluez.

So I guess what I need is someone holding my hand and telling me what the Bluez Gnome applet does behind the scenes that I can't reproduce on the command line (no fancy gnome applet in the stripped Jaunty of course).

What I've tried:
hcitool scan -- Finds the keyboard okay
sudo hcitool cc <MAC> -- Gives me a new prompt, just as if it succeeded pairing only I can't type anything

I also tried a lot of hidd solutions but since it works on the laptop that doesn't have hidd installed I'm that's not the way to go.

I also checked the /etc/default/bluetooth settings file on the laptop after the pairing and it doesn't contain anything new. So I guess I should be able to get it to pair without modifying it.

How can I check if it has succeeded in pairing? hcitool dev doesn't give anything on the laptop when the keyboard is paired.