View Full Version : [ubuntu] preemtible kernel and wine

July 25th, 2009, 08:40 AM
Hi gang the easy one first I think:

WIne. now this WAS running a certain app just fine, well it still does, but it now leaves what I call window drppings all over. makes the place an unreadable mess. :(

so i decided to uninstall and reinstall using the purge option, in apt-get.
firstly the wine menus are still in gnome and the .wine in ~ are still there.
How do I make a clean install of ine pls

Preemtible kernel

I use idjc a lot. I've read the docs, now.... and to stop the delay in my headphones of me, I should use a low latancy kernel.

This box is used as general box, it also serves my mail and myweb site. would this effect these opps?

I have discoverd that such a kernel exists in ubuntu studio, which I have, could I install the kernel, and add a grub menu item for it, to try it?

If so how.

I don't really want to put studio on this box, as it's basicly running the network.