View Full Version : triple boot changing to NBR

July 24th, 2009, 02:32 AM
got a eeepc 1000he running a triple boot of osx, xp, and Easy Peasy linux,

my problem is Easy peasy is not the best, updates are few and far between and the support is not there. So i'm hoping to upgrade to NBR,

My question is do you guys think that it could corupt my other insatalions with the upgrade, I have GRUB on my thrid partiaion (the easy peasy partition) and I am booting with the Chameleon boot loader, which is the dogs by the way, which in turn boots to grub and then to linux,

any ideas would be great,

I might just use a usb stick for the mean time as i'm traveling for a year and dont want to **** up my laptop without the use of my desktop,