View Full Version : [ubuntu] Graphics server crashing on startup

July 23rd, 2009, 05:10 PM
Ubuntu 9.04 on an Intel MB DG965MS w/integrated graphics.
All was working correctly.
I downloaded and installed LAMPS.
Upon reboot, graphics server crashes repeatedly.
I can only startup graphically in low res (800 x 600) which I could live with but
pushing forth with the LAMPS setup, on one of the reboots, X would not start at all.
Deleted all the Intel drivers using Synaptic, reinstalled. Now I am back to graphic
server crashing a couple of times on startup before I finally get it in low res.

Looked at X.config file that was posted elsewhere. No devices are enumerated.
Tried the UXE fix with the MTRR patch. no avail.
In frustration, did a fresh install of 8.10. Same problem.
I am left with the idea of hardware failure?
Bad memory?
I don't have any nix tools atm to test the memory.

I have a twin to this one and it is running fine, although those same files do not show
anything configured in the x.config file either.

I am,