View Full Version : [ubuntu] excidently installed Ubuntu three times!!!

July 23rd, 2009, 06:43 AM
Hi Everybdoy,

I have recently installed ubuntu, but I don't know how many time I have installed on my computer? the reason I asked this question is because; on the boot menu, I was hopping to see only windows vista and one ubuntu, but now I can see, I have three Ubuntu Operating System and I have logon to test them.

I am confussing here now, in windows vista, I go to add/remove programs, I only got one ubuntu. I aggresssively unintalled this ubuntu, but they are stills on boot menu as they were.

Action needed:
I want to remove all this ubuntus, accepted "Windows Vista" and I want to run Ubuntu again and see if they gonna showup again.

also, I don't like to see recovery options there ( help me remove them too).

I hate this Guys and Girls, you can click on the attached pictures to see exactly, "what I am talking about"?

Help me so that I can remain with Windows Vista and one Ubuntu OS.

Mr. Garang