View Full Version : [SOLVED] IP service

Georgia boy
July 22nd, 2009, 02:15 PM
Hi. Got a question about the different IP services. I'm using Cox for my Internet and Directv for the television due to the International channels for the wife and other channels that I like. A friend of my wife also got the Directv but got a bundle package. Included was the phone, television and Internet. She was telling me about how they were only paying a certain amount. Granted my payments for the three different ones is around 160 a month but you have to figure that their "bundle" package is going to be going up after a year and that it is DSL. Don't most of that come through the phone? And also I know someone that got the Quest "bundle" and have been having problems all along. I know that when I send stuff to her a lot of times it's returned saying full or not known. Plus if they use Quest at Directv isn't that using MSN? Isn't that a pain? From what I was reading they all require Windows on your system to be set up etc. Granted I'm dual booting for now but what happens if I wipe out Windows completely? Will there be any problems there? I keep telling my wife that I have good speed, even though I pay 37 something for it. I tell her that yes they are getting a good price for now but it will go up and also I'm not crazy about the phone line usage. I've had problems with the phone line at times by itself.Don't know if I want to trust the Internet coming through it.

Any thoughts on this? Any helpful ideas is appreciated.