View Full Version : [ubuntu] Kodak/Linux issues SOLVED??????????

July 22nd, 2009, 03:56 AM
OK well I just got off the phone with tech support for Kodak and was told "our engineers are currently working on support for linux drivers." Not sure if this is the standard answer or not, but it does kind of seem promising.

Also of note for anyone who has a Kodak printer or scanner, CALL tech support. The more people they have filing complaints the more they are going to try and resolve customer issues. You can either call the number 1-800-421-6699, 9 A.M. to midnight Eastern time, 7 days a week. Or go onto the website and do a live "chat". Make sure that you do ask that the issue be elevated to the "assitance department."

This does not just go for Kodak though. Anyone who has problems with closed source proprietary drivers that are not offered for Linux needs to get out and make their voice heard. The current thinking is that linux is such a small community that it is not important. Judging from the amount of activity on this forum they are WRONG. However the only way to get people to realize this is to let them know. Make that call, yeah it sucks being on hold, but it the long run it will only make OUR operating system better and stronger...........

October 31st, 2009, 02:39 PM
I have a new Kodak esp5 and they way around the lack of printer drivers is to use a camera card to transfer data back and fore, just remember that the printer will only recognise JPG when using a camera card. If transfering office documents they need to be exported into PDF first and then saved to the card from gimp in JPG format. None of this takes not much longer than transfering direct to the printer or visa versa. It is better to leave the printer disconnected from the computor.