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July 20th, 2009, 07:39 PM
Linux'r:You should try linux on your computer since it is all infected
Windows'r:But then I will not have my programs on linux, and there is no use to a computer that cannot run my programs
Linux'r:Linux has alternitives
Windows'r: >But I do not Know How To Use Linux, I know things the way they are.

This is where you have to get back to reality, our geeky operating system is too good for them, they are just jealous, put yourself in their shoose with this "game" :

Select one of the following pairs, with one you use, and one you do not:
TEXT EDITORS - - - - - - - OVENS - - - - - - - - EDITING - -

VIM ---------- |--------------- GAS ------|------- WYSIWYG

EMACS--------- | --------- ELECTRIC -------- | ------ CODE

You probobly know where I am going with this; FILL IN THE BLANKS!

I use ______ not ________, when I use ________, it is not as productive, harder, and is the wrong way to do it because, ______ Lacks these things, and I am used to _______.
vim vs emacs
My cheat sheet for _______ will not work on _______

gas vs electric cooking
My food never turns out right on _______, and _______ is esier to clean/controll

When I use ______, it makes me less productive, because _______ is what I learned how to use.

THere you go, you have seen what it is like for a windows user

July 21st, 2009, 03:34 AM
Food for thought. Very nice. As a FOSS advocate, I need to remember this kind of thing.