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July 20th, 2009, 05:01 PM

it is easy to get online with Ubuntu 9.04 but I have trouble to get online with Ubuntu 8.10 after a new installation.

I am missing the "DSL-Tab" inside the Network Configuration window. Why is it not there? Pls help - thx


Normal installation routine would be:

How to configure PPPoE in Ubuntu:
1) Go to System > Preferences > Network Configuration.
2) Go to DSL tab (inside the Network Configuration window)
3) Press the Add button.
4) At Connection Name enter a name for your connection (you can enter everything you like).
5) If you want to connect automatically you can check Connect Automatically
6) At Username and Password enter the username and password your ISP provided.
7) Press OK.
8) To connect to the Internet using PPPoE select your connection from the Network choser at the top panel (somewhere near Volume and Date).

*******+ EDIT *****

I fixed the problem with the login

Use the Terminal:

sudo pppoeconf

- Follow the step-by-step instructions
- Enter username and password (delete the word "username" in text field first)
- make sure you connect via boot (option should be selected)

Connect to Internet ISP

pon dsl-provider

Start Firefox and check if you can connect to the Web

Connectivity check

ifconfig pppo

July 22nd, 2009, 04:17 PM
The network manager has been upgraded. so there is not dsl tab on 8.10

I wish there was a dsl tab at my local bar.

Check out this thread for a fix: