View Full Version : [ubuntu] Upgrade to 9.04 from 8.10 via CLI

July 20th, 2009, 06:47 AM
Hello there. I'd like to upgrade. 'Been postponing it for awhile though. In the meantime, somehow my Update Manager no longer lists the "New distribution available." button. So, please remind me how to upgrade via the command-line interface.

Thank you.

July 20th, 2009, 09:32 AM
Uh-oh. 'Looks like I'm not even running Ubuntu anymore?

$ cat /etc/*release
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="DebianEdu/Skolelinux (terra)"

O.K., now I remember installing some packages that were meant to be for Edubuntu; that was so that this youngster would have some educational games to play while we were babysitting him. I didn't know I actually changed my whole distro though. Whoa. What's up?

Thanks again.

July 21st, 2009, 07:08 AM
what does lsb_release -a tell you?

July 23rd, 2009, 06:37 AM
$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: DebianEdu/Skolelinux (terra)
Release: testing/unstable
Codename: n/a