View Full Version : [kubuntu] Undoing "Updates"

July 19th, 2009, 09:04 PM
Simple question. Is there a way to roll back "updates" that I installed?

I am currently running Kubuntu 9.04. Yesterday, I installed the recommended updates that the update notifier told me about and now I am having nothing but problems.

My Collection of music in Amarok became completely scrambled. I plays songs fine, however it seems to be getting the song title, artist, album and album cover information completely wrong for EVERY song.

My second harddrive stopped booting, eventhough fdisk lists it as booting. I have gone through the process listed here twice http://www.smorgasbord.net/how-to-install-second-hard-drive-in-ubuntu-linux/ and I have tried other fixes listed in forums with no luck. It still doesnt boot.

My FTP server, through ProFTPD, flat out refuses to work.

I have had this problem before, but somehow in the last couple months I have completely forgotten that "updates" screws my computer up. Last time, I just completely wiped my computer and completely reinstalled. I could do that again, but I'd really prefer it to be a last resort.

Any thoughts for this soon to become disgruntled ex-Kubuntu user?