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July 18th, 2009, 10:28 PM
i was trying to install ubuntu netbook remix i have 1 acer one V110 with ssd disk of 16gb windows xp vistalook is slower then my old intel 233 mhz and 512 mb of ram and dont forget here its a dual core the acer one boys but the install procedure didnt work to install it only installing windows took 6.30 houres, tjezamina f*** me agatha I am asking meself how long its gonna take to install ubuntu Well i let u all now when this problem is gonna be solved.

1 i used a sandisk sd of 2gb 15mb\s
2 the program windisk image writer on the page of ubuntu says target disk to low????? its empty and has been formatted to fat and fat32 because i have 2 of them hehe and it just need 1gb?????
3 i also tried flashnull rc1 but a nice manual in russian google translate translate it perfect i would to save the page(even the clipboardcopy didnt work to workit out later without internet yes boys i dont have internet, on my pda phone i do have it) and the translation is gone back to russian :frown:but NO GO

4 help:(
5 who had the similar problem?:P and whats the sOLUtIOn plzzzzzz[-o<zzzzzzzzzzzzz
done the power searcher of google but not this one

6 Why ubuntu netbook remixnot in a normal cd or dvd format or can i burn this one and use it in the dvdplayer and let it boot it up?????

July 20th, 2009, 01:03 PM
6 Why ubuntu netbook remixnot in a normal cd or dvd format

Because most netbooks do not have optical drives.
The installation procedure (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR/Installation/Easy) as I understand it is to copy the .img file to a USB flash drive using ImageWriter, boot the netbook from the flash drive and use the installer to put Ubuntu to your SSD drive.

September 15th, 2009, 09:45 AM
I've downloaded the remix image twice. Each time wrote the image on a USB stick, and a SD card respectively.

Both times I tried to install then the Remix into my netbook (MSI Uwind 100), but the install was unsuccessful.

The error message stated there was something wrong with a couple of installation files.

Next, I tested the SD card with the remix image using the utility ubuntu has in its initial screen, and it detected 2 errors in 2 files.

I repeated the test for the img installed in my usb stick. It yielded the same result.

Question: I downloaded this from the cannonical source. Where can I get an image without the 2 errors?

I want to do a dual installation into my netbook.

Alternatively, I would not mind leaving the remix in my SD card, as Ubuntu works fine in my netbook from there. However, I'm unable to update the system, or make permanent changes to the operating system. Thus, every time I boot from the SD card or the USB stick, I have to set up again my mobile broadband connection, download the codexes for playing music, and all that.

Question 2: Is there a way to install the remix into my SD card or USB stick in such way that I'm able to update it and keep the updates there?