View Full Version : [ubuntu] Input level for Audacity and USB Turntable

Bucky Ball
July 18th, 2009, 04:18 AM
Hi all,

8.04, Audacity, Tevion USB turntable.

Everything working fine except, and there may be no cure for this but to put a small amp between turntable and computer ...

The input level in Audacity has no effect whatever. I have searched around in the audio sliders and experimented with everything but I can't find any slider which will control the recording level from the turntable in.

I realise that this is probably because of the USB input, but just wondering if there is any way of controlling the input level (there is no volume pot on the turntable itself).

The turntable also has RCA left/right cables out. I'm wondering if I might get more joy (and a better sound quality) from using them, which will of course go to a line in which supposedly I can control input volume-wise.

Any ideas? :)