View Full Version : [ubuntu] Booting from USB or other methods without using a CD

July 17th, 2009, 05:25 PM
Okay... So my girlfriend has a super old computer, and she wants to get into it just to see what's on it and maybe get some stuff off of it, but it's so old (running Windows 95) and slow that she can't do much easily and/or quickly. I figured that this would be a job for Ubuntu... It shouldn't be a problem to use the liveCD and locate her files and move them if necessary... That is, until she informed me that the CD drive is broken. So I figured the next best thing to do would be to put a bootable version of Ubuntu onto a USB flash drive. Only problem is, the computer is so old it doesn't recognize the drive and tries to install drivers, and I'm not even going to TRY getting on the internet with it. Is there a way that I can get it to recognise the drive and boot easily from it at startup? If that's not possible or done easily, is there any other way to do it without using a CD or USB drive?