View Full Version : [ubuntu] Expand Partition Map

July 16th, 2009, 06:58 PM
Hi all.
A while back I set up a triple boot on my iMac with Mac OS X, Intrepid, and Windows. Now I'm upgrading my hard drive to a 1.5 TB. I cloned the entirety of the old disk, and the new one is installed and bootable. Great.

The issue: I now need to expand my 3 partitions to give everyone some elbow room, but the disk editors I've looked at can't do this. They still see the drive as the old 320 GB. So I need to expand my GUID partition map so that my disk editors see the rest of my free space.

My question: how can I expand that partition map? And even when I can manage that, will that screw up my MBR? Or can I just expand the GUID map, and then sync the MBR to that with rEFIt? (I'm still learning about how exactly partition maps work, and I've been reading wiki all day. My head is swimming...)