View Full Version : Where the hell do I start?

El Kabong
January 25th, 2006, 07:15 AM
Hey guys, thanks for maintaining such a cool board...
Yesterday, I installed my first version of Linux (Ubuntu, of course). I've already done the whole synaptic update, and everything seems to be running smoothly. However, I'm trying to learn how to compile and install code for programs that I've downloaded. The main one that I'm trying is an Ipod linkup program called EphPod. From what I can gather, I'm supposed to download the MP4V2 DLL Source file from this page:

This link (http://www.ephpod.com/download.shtml)

once I download the file, where do I go from there? I've already installed the basic compiling package, so I should be okay there. I'm sorry to be such a noob, but I just seriously have no idea where to start with this. Is the compiling process going to be the same for every other type of code? Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

January 25th, 2006, 07:34 AM
I assume that you will need Wine to run that program successfully as it is a Windows program. That in itself could be more trouble than it's worth.

I don't use it, but I've heard that amarok has quite good ipod support